Twelve Reasons to Use a Life Coach

Would you ask your spouse to fix the plumbing in your home if he/she was not a plumber? Would you take your car to your best friend for a tune up if they had no experience as a mechanic? You don't need another parent, sibling, friend or co-worker telling you what you should be doing. Life Coaches are experts on changing behavior, which is much more valuable than giving instructions.

Having a Life Coach makes you accountable. Without a coach, you’re only accountable to yourself – and that’s the problem - you come up with excuses. When you are accountable to another human being, it forces you to show up at a higher level.

Save Time
You can always make more money but you can’t get more time. When we attempt to do things on our own, we wind up wasting time. If you are lost, even if you have a MAP, you still don’t know the fastest route and the short cuts. Coaching is a GPS for your life. Think about how much time, frustration, stress, and anxiety you save on the path to a better life.

New Ideas
Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” We are limited when we depend on our own beliefs and ideas. Life Coaching allows you to see things in a new way! In fact, you will find that you don’t actually have a problem - you have a project. We tackle that project together with a new positive attitude and fresh ideas.

Change The Way You Think
Coaching allows you to get constant feedback and discover more about yourself. We all have patterns of behavior that we are not aware of. Sometimes we have a story or a limiting belief that we tell ourselves again and again. The patterns are so ingrained in us that they are unconscious. Life Coaching wakes you up and helps you find new ways of thinking and behaving.

Gain Confidence
There are probably things you want to do but have not attempted because of a lack of self-confidence. You do things better and with more enjoyment when you’re confident. The opposite is also true - the simplest tasks can be terrifying when you don’t have confidence. Your life coach will help you solve self-esteem issues and guide you, step-by-step, toward your goal. Your victories build your confidence to conquer even bigger challenges.

Get Motivated
Sometimes, we hear about other people’s success stories and get envious. We see friends on Facebook post pictures of fun family times or exotic vacations and wish we had a life like that. Your Life Coach will help you zero in on what you truly want and give you the inspiration to go after it. Life Coaching provides a personal cheerleader to motivate and encourage you to stop settling and start living the life you want.

Increase Your Faith
Even if you are happy and successful, you may still feel like something is missing. Magic happens when you grow spiritually – no matter your faith, or lack thereof. You begin to understand not only “how” the world works but also “why” it works the way it does. You are fulfilled when you connect with the source of infinite guidance and peace.

Set and Achieve Goals
Maybe you already have goals and a plan to reach them. Sadly, the real world can get in-between you and your dreams. If your goals and plans seem more and more unachievable as the years go by, then now is the perfect time to get a life coach. No unrealistic expectations – just a new approach to finally get that breakthrough you desperately need.

Become Happier
Happiness helps every aspect of your life. We are led to believe that success will give us happiness. Actually, the opposite is true – happiness creates success. The happier you are the more likely you are to perform well, to solve problems, to come up with new ideas. A Life Coach will give you tools to increase happiness and create a pathway to success.

Successful People Use Life Coaches
The best of the best have a Life Coach; Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Arnold Schwarzenegger. These celebrities say that having a Life Coach gave them an edge – they were able to get MORE out of themselves than they ever could on their own.

Find Your Purpose
Finding your purpose is not achieved by meditating on mountaintop. An individual’s true purpose comes from drawing out your special combination of hidden talents and passions. The Life Coaching process uncovers and shines a light on your talents and passions. As you change old patterns of thinking, gain confidence and identify what you want, you ultimately find your purpose.