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    Predictive Index

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Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Life Coach

Clients describe Mea’s approach as energetic, unique, humorous and insightful. She inspires companies, conference attendees and women's groups to learn new ways of thinking, behaving and collaborating. Mea is a Certified Executive and Life Coach as well as a Time Management expert. She is recognized nationally as an authority on variety of leadership and motivational topics including Work/Life Balance, The Power of Happiness, Increasing Self- Esteem, Creative & Compassionate Leadership, Adapting to Change and Goal Setting. Her experience spans a variety of fields including executive leadership, health care, human resources and entrepreneurship. Attendees have said their experience with Mea was “entertaining, high energy, meaningful and a “breath of fresh air."

  • You have a fantastic way of getting through to people, especially when challenges are in place.
  • I received an extraordinary amount of positive feedback from the staff.
  • Very knowledgeable, great speaker presentation.
  • Very good speaker, clear, precise information given.
  • Great presentation and speaker-especially since this was such a hard topic.
  • WOW what a great job you do. Your slides are entertaining and meaningful; you are energetic and “all-in”.
  • We really enjoyed it and want to have you come back soon.
  • You are a breath of fresh air as far as speakers go.
  • Enthusiastic positive vibe and not only enlightened but entertained.
  • My group loved you so much they want you back.
  • You are a masterful speaker…I could listen to you all day!

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