The Culture Index

NewLogoThis is not a personality test. The Culture IndexTM is a complete consulting program to hire, manage and motivate!

  • Uncover what each job in your company requires and how to fill it with an employee that will thrive.
  • Match supervisors to employees to create successful teams and maximize results.
  • Motivate and manage your current workforce to dominate your industry.
  • Unlimited job, employee and applicant assessments.
  • Implementation training, employment advertising assistance and ongoing consulting, all provided at one low cost!

“ The Culture Index has been absolutely transformative for our business growth, profitability and success. We have been using this process at all levels as it pertains to recruitment and hiring, team assignments and staff promotion, as well as assisting with the rapid and strategic growth of our business. Through the understanding of ourselves and our team members, this process has also become an integral part of our firm culture in the manner in which our staff communicates and engages with one another."
- CEO, Architecture and Design Firm